Pamushana Day Tours: Focus Msinje Farm

Pamushana Day Tours: Focus Msinje Farm

Travelling is a lot great when you go without any plan in motion and just freelance. A good company is also essential, however if you are a loner this can also be a great travelling destination for you.

When you consider how farms are reinventing themselves these days you could see that tourism is now at another level. This year I thought of doing things differently, visit more places and get to know more about my Zimbabwe, it’s places and culture, capturing every moment that keeps memories ablaze.

This weekend I joined a new family of travel mates powered by Pamushana Group to Msinje Farm, a farm located about 30km away from Harare along Shamva Road.

The farm is a hive of activities from hiking to interactions with reptiles to dam viewing, there is no doubt why the farm has received overwhelming response from locals who visit the area every weekend. It is also good for family outings.

As a first timer, the experience may be awkward at first but if you are good at socializing, you will get along just fine and faster. The hard part of the tour was to get sweaty before the group could all get to know each other in the introductory stage.

When you get to the New Canaan Gardens, you are greeted with a range of mountains on your right side so, we started off with a hike, a good activity for those who rarely go to the gym.

The best part was everyone prior to the tour, had an idea of all the activities that we were going to go through, some were initiated on personal levels or per group like my team #TeamRachford which made every moment worthwhile.

Part of Team Rachford

At the farm, visitors are allowed to see and hold snakes and take pictures, they also have an experience guide to give one knowledge on all the snakes they have in their possession.

However if you are not a fan of snakes, you may go finishing or go to the dam for views as well as to get one of the greatest sunset views in Mashonaland East.

If you don’t get enough of the farm in just a day you can as well stay for the night as they also offer bed and breakfast for their guests staying overnight, of course at a reasonable price.

So if someday you want to get away from the busy City life to meditate, get some new breeze or just to rewind and preview your endeavors, you can just visit Msinje Farm for a breath of fresh air and share your experience.

For those who are like me and want to experience Zimbabwe from a different perspective you can follow Pamushana Group here.

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