A better society comes from helping from the heart

A better society comes from helping from the heart

By Rumbidzai Beverley Rugoyi

Don’t do everything for money, because sometimes you may refuse to do something that actually benefits you; directly or indirectly. I was thinking on whether or not to water my Dad’s nursery the other day when I remembered that the same plants had leaves that produced oxygen i also breathed. (Ha!)

Sometimes we ought to support one another and also help build our communities because you might refuse to take part in something that contributes positively to your well-being. This may also be in terms of helping the less privileged. We may not know their life stories, but their being in such positions shows they need our support.

With regards to orphans and street children,-they say that children are the future generation. So by also helping in supporting less privileged young individuals, you may be contributing to helping future presidents, your future great grandchildren’s lawyers, or builders who’ll build your grandchildren’s dream houses.

Please note that no life is to be taken for granted or as though it’s insignificant.

It may also be in terms helping to raise awareness on environmental issues. Taking a look at global warming for example;- we may disregard it but this is something affecting the ENTIRE GLOBE. It’s not regional, it’s GLOBAL!

So when you’re able to lend a hand, or offer assistance, please do so. You never know how badly the person you’re interacting has been hit by life, and your act of generosity or kindness may help them feel like they belong in society and are of value. There’s nothing that can at times hit harder than the feeling of being unappreciated or unwanted. Let’s help other people feel like they belong!

United we stand, divided we fall. Bob Marley sang it best when he sang, “One love, one heart, let’s stand together and we’ll be alright.” And despite our nationalities, we’re all beautiful! In line with being united, Lucky Dube then sang, “Different colors, one people.”

Now, i do have to be clear about this. There’s need to be ethical and moral. When I’m talking about unity I’m talking about unity in good motives. I’m not talking about unity in gang raping innocent souls, we’d rather be united in fighting for justice against such issues. I’m not talking about unity in armed robberies, why not brainstorm ways people can get more jobs so that people can rightfully earn their livings and refrain from criminal activities?

Colossians 3:12-17

May God’s Grace be upon us, and may He fill our hearts with love. May He fill us with His love, kindness and compassion and help us be better people, that we may also be able to help those in need. And may His peace rule in our hearts and minds, all the days of our lives. Through Jesus Christ our Lord I pray, Amen???

May God bless you ?✨

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