Move on, Let’s leave the blame game for now

Move on, Let’s leave the blame game for now

By Rumbidzai Beverley Rugoyi

If you’re in the middle of a fire outbreak, you don’t focus on who started the fire until you probably get to a safe place. And even when you’re safe, some things are just irreversible (shrug). We’re in the now. Let’s put the past behind us and get together to create a better environment for ourselves and for future generations.

Think about your children and their children and the children of those children. Will they have access to clean water? Will they be able to go fishing or canoeing or all water bodies will be polluted with all sorts of garbage and algae bloom? Will they have trees to sit under or all of them would have been chopped down? Will they have clean air to breathe, or they’ll be walking around with oxygen tanks on their backs?

It wasn’t until one day that I started looking at the whole “future generations” aspect more seriously. Think of it this way. I just want you to imagine yourself or your children or grandchildren, or great grandchildren, years from now carrying 5 liter water bottles to keep hydrated because of high temperatures due to global warming (okay maybe a bad example (ha!)). But my point still stands.

My kind appeal is we work together as a people to help alleviate problems being experienced around us, and that also come back to affect us in a way in some cases.

Presenting waste management as an example, we’re all stakeholders to waste production, according to my research. If we don’t take responsibility in helping to take care of our environment, at the end of the day we might be looking at a dirty street. Say some people from a foreign country visit and our streets aren’t clean, do you think they’ll be impressed? Say they aren’t impressed, do you think they’ll want to come back? If they don’t come back the tourism system will be affected, meaning less revenue will be earned by our country from the tourism sector. If we earn less revenue from the tourism sector, the Gross Domestic Product per capita will decrease, and it might be a result of negligence or our refusal to help clean up our environment.

Apart from that, careless disposal of litter may result in blockage of drainage systems, then when it rains there’s flooding in the roads. Then you’re there in town on a rainy day and you can’t move from a pavement to your car that’s in the road since there’s water because you didn’t want to put your litter in a bin.
Food for thought.

Act responsibly.

If we wait for other people to clean up the streets for us, what if they don’t come on that day? What if their vehicle experienced a tyre puncture and you’re there being fancy going all, “Oh no don’t worry, there’s people who clean the streets.” Please don’t make life hard for other people.

As quoted by Barack Obama, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Let’s help raise awareness on issues that are of importance and stop pointing fingers at other people. Let’s work together to improve things for ourselves and for the future generations. Let’s make use of proper waste disposal systems.

In Quest To Save Our Earth And Protect Human Lives


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