Malaysian doctor’s trending PowerPoint presentation seeking a date

A young Malaysian doctor’s seven-slide presentation on why someone should date him saw him get plenty of responses.

Dr Muhammad Naquib Hasief Bin Baharin made a seven-slide presentation titled: “Why should you date me?”

The presentation that was posted on Twitter detailed the pros and cons of dating him and included reviews by some of the most important people in his life.

Specifying what he was seeking, the doctor said a potential date should be “well educated”, “mature”, “have table manners”, and must be based in Johor in Malaysia.

He said that his date should be herself and laugh at his jokes and she will get a “monthly commission based on performance”, alongside birthday benefits. He also wrote there is a probation period of one to three months.

He wrote that he’s a ‘meme sharer’ who ‘overcommits to jokes and pranks’ and always has a bar of chocolate with him. He also mentioned that he was great to take to family events.

In the list of pros, he claims to have a great taste in music. however, in the list of cons his mom is quoted as saying that the music he plays is “usually too loud’.

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Speaking to World of Buzz, Dr Naquib said he was merely just experimenting with a new software and needed to find something to write about. However, he didn’t expect much when he posted it on Twitter.

“Surprisingly, lots of people took it seriously so he played along with it as he also wants to settle down with someone,” the report added. While many loved his presentation and said they are interested, others said they were inspired to create similar ones for themselves.

Earlier this year, a graduate from San Diego University, finally mustered the courage to ask his crush out on a date by giving her a “dating resume”.


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