WhatsApp Web 2.2039.9: what’s new?

WhatsApp Web 2.2039.9: what’s new?

WhatsApp has recenly released a new version for the web/desktop client, bringing the version up to 2.2039.9. What does the update contain? Check out this article to learn more!

Common questionsAnswers
Name of the feature?Always Mute, Catalog shortcut
I’ve the same version but I don’t see this news, why?Be sure to use the same version. Clear the cache of your browser and try again.
News about Android?
News about iOS?

Catalog Shortcut

A Catalog shortcut was recently introduced on iOS and Android, and WhatsApp has also added the same shortcut in the WhatsApp Web/Desktop 2.2039.9 update.

This shortcut is visible in business chats, when they offer a catalog.

Always Mute

Yesterday WhatsApp has released the iOS update, bringing the option Always, to mute chats forever.
In this update for WhatsApp Web/Desktop, we can see the same option already enabled:

New Attachment icons

Previously spotted in the 2.2037.6 update, WhatsApp has now enabled the new attachment icons:

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