#JohnVuliGate challenge: Girls from the viral video leave Mzansi disappointed

#JohnVuliGate challenge: Girls from the viral video leave Mzansi disappointed

The ladies from the viral Vuli Gate Challenge seem to be getting the short end of the stick when it comes to impressing locals. This after they were invited to Idols to remake their viral dance moves on the show.

The girls received instant fame after the video started circulating on social media. Soon they became very sought after, even creating a hefty priceless to show up at Mzansi’s most popular events and shows.

Their most recent appearance was on under the bright lights of the Idols SA stage. While they had the opportunity to shine, Mzanians were left disappointed and unconvinced by what they had to offer.

Many of them thought that the ladies did not deliver the same magic that they did during the first time they did the viral dance challenge. Like they do in South Africa, they took to social media to share their thoughts.


Read a few of them below.

@Rubby56951759 said: “They were too many on the stage, and the girls at the back. It wasn’t fun at all.” @moloithatoj said: “Imagine one day you’re drinking Russian bear with the girls dancing go monate… next thing our on TV #idolssa and the whole country is watching, yuu heh eh… give the girls a break #Stocko”

@PasekaTsoaela commented, “I love your hustle but on a serious note..do you think John will be are December song or you’ll be dancing for all new released songs.” @Anele__ZA said: “Stocko stocko stocko! what have we done to deserve this? , kanti where’s the energy niba ncinci kangaka?

As previously reported by Briefly, the stunning group of young ladies who were filmed at a petrol station dancing to the John Vuli Gate song are continuing to make bank following the viral video. The challenge is said to have started with a group of young men and proceeded to the group of young women dancing at a petrol station. The group of ladies have made waves for their usage of the unique dance moves.

Now, the leader of the group shared online how much it will cost to have her make an appearance at different events. The prices were shared on Twitter by social media user @MissLuu_ and it revealed that it costs between R4 000 and R8 000 for the #JohnVuliGateChallenge girl to dance at an event.

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