Power Book 3: Who will Lovie Simone play in Raising Kanan?

Power Book 3: Who will Lovie Simone play in Raising Kanan?

POWER BOOK 3 will be released on Starz in 2021. But who will actress Lovie Simone play in new drama?

Power Book III: Raising Kanan will be the second spin-off series to be released following the end of Power on Starz. The drama will be the prequel from the four spin-offs which will be centred on drug dealer Kanan Stark’s (played by Curtis Jackson) childhood. Fans will also get to see some other key characters as teenagers, explaining how they ended up in the drug world.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan will be set in the 90s where viewers will learn more about Kanan (Mekai Curtis) as a teenager. The show will delve into his home life, Kanan’s relationship with mum Raq Thomas (Patina Miller) and how he is influenced into becoming a dealer himself.

The series is also going to show how Kanan’s friendships with James “Ghost” St Patrick (Chris Sumpter), Tommy Egan (Ethan Cutkosky) and Angela Valdes (Camila Perez) formed. As well as these familiar stories, there is going to be a new young character in the mix.

Who will Lovie Simone play in Raising Kanan?

Joining the cast of Raising Kanan will be 21-year-old actress Lovie Simone. She is probably best known for portraying Zora Greenleaf in Oprah Winfrey Network drama Greenleaf.

This has been her biggest role to date, having only made a handful of cameo appearances in other series such as Orange is the New Black, Dicktown and Social Distance. Simone’s part in Power Book III though is expected to be a lot juicier.

Speaking to Cheat Sheet, Simone opened up about her role in the new Power drama.Simone said: “This is a completely new character.” Power Book III is basically the prequel to all of the Powers.” So it takes place in the ’90s.

It’s Kanan’s story about his life and I play Davina.“Davina is a girl from New York.”She’s very young but very old in her mindset because of the way she was raised.”So she had to learn a lot and grow up a lot faster than a lot of teenage girls. “She’s also very wise and very kind still.”

When asked if Davina will be a love interest for Kanan, Simone teased at the possibility. The actress said: “She could be. She could very well be.” So will Davina be the one to try and keep Kanan on the straight and narrow or is she going to end up breaking his heart?

Power Book III is going to be the second spin-off show to be released after Power Book II started earlier this year.

Power Book II: Ghost is about Tariq St Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr) and Tasha St Patrick (Naturi Naughton) weeks after the death of Ghost.While Tasha is in prison for her ex-husband’s murder, Tariq is doing everything he can to pay for top lawyer David MacLean (Method Man) to represent.

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree though as Tariq soon dives straight into dealing drugs much like his father.But will Tariq end up suffering a similar fate to Ghost if he continues collaborating with dangerous gangs?

Power Book 3 will be out sometime in 2021 on Starz and Starzplay.

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