Apple’s iCloud service is down and here’s how it will affect you

Apple’s iCloud service is down and here’s how it will affect you

We usually don’t face backend failures from Apple. But when we do, it ends up making headlines. Something similar has happened now as well. Apple’s iCloud backend seems to be suffering from an unknown issue that is preventing new device setup and account activation failures. 

The problem with Apple’s iCloud account and sign in servers reportedly began to impact some users around 1:45am pacific time (3:15pm IST) as per Apple’s system status web page. At the time of writing, the webpage still notes that the issue is ongoing.

Many of which received products like iPhones, Apple Watch and HomePod as Christmas presents, were not able to activate the device and mentioned about it on Twitter. While some are saying that they have to wait for long for iCloud account creation and new device setup, others are just witnessing complete failures.

Apple support official page on Twitter, however, has addressed this problem, and has said that it is expecting high capacity at this time, which is impacting the ability to serve iCloud. It is also advising users to try the setup after a couple of hours.

For now, Apple is facing a tussle with social media giant Facebook. The privacy war between the two erupted a week ago. The main topic of discussion are the changes Apple made in iOS 14.4 for iPhones. The OS version is supposed to go live next year and would require iPhone users to give permission so that apps can track them for advertising purposes.

Facebook, for now, tracks users between apps. As per them, it helps them connect small businesses to customers and show personalised ads. Apple introducing granular permission would hamper this as Facebook thinks most users will deny the permission to track them between apps.


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