Zimbabwe eases lockdown, expects more vaccine doses from China

Zimbabwe eases lockdown, expects more vaccine doses from China

HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Monday announced an easing of Covid-19 lockdown measures, including allowing inter-city travel and scrapping requirements for travel authorisation letters.

Mnangagwa said schools, colleges and universities “must prepare to re-open”, but gave no indication when they would be allowed to resume face-to-face learning.

The president’s speech also did not make any reference to land borders which have been closed to foreign visitors since January 5, although there are no restrictions to air travel.

Here are the highlights:

♦️ Zimbabwe shortly expecting donation of additional 200,000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine from the Chinese government, adding to the 200,000 already received

♦️ Chinese companies have pledged a further 1.2 million doses of the Sinopharm vaccine

♦️ 600,000 vaccine doses “arriving from China in the coming weeks”, did not explain how they were sourced

♦️ Intercity travel now permitted, bus operators to observe virus safety standards

♦️ Zimbabweans no longer required to produce authorisation letters for movement

♦️ Supermarkets to close at 7PM “to ease congestion”

♦️ SMEs and industries to re-open with strict adherence to WHO virus prevention measures

♦️ Bars, nightclubs, gymnasiums to remain closed

♦️ Restaurants to open but only for takeaways, no sit-ins

♦️ Burial attendance still limited to 30 people

♦️ Social gatherings permitted up to a limit of 50 people

♦️ Schools, universities and colleges “must prepare to re-open”

♦️ Curfew now from 10PM to 5.30AM

♦️ Wearing of face masks in public places to remain mandatory.

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