TikTok For Business launches in South Africa

TikTok For Business launches in South Africa

Cape Town – TikTok For Business has finally launched in South Africa after TikTok South Africa signed an exclusive partnership agreement with 365 Digital.

TikTok For Business will allow brands to tell more immersive stories and will also provide a more dynamic consumer experience while tapping into their target market.

The popular video-sharing platform has seen rapid growth in its user numbers in South Africa since it entered the market. According to the 2020 edition of the SA Social Media Landscape, TikTok had an estimated 6 million downloads in 2020.

“The launch of TikTok For Business has been highly anticipated by brands, who have been eager to connect with the rapidly growing local audience. We are proud to partner with TikTok and take their unrivaled branding opportunities to the market. This partnership complements our vision and future intentions. It is a powerful example of our strong market position and rich heritage as South Africa’s leading digital media business,” said Julian Jordaan, managing director of 365 Digital. Jordaan added that brands will now be able to connect with consumers through a completely new approach.

“TikTok has a vast and diverse community in South Africa and continues to quickly gain popularity in the country,” said Shant Okanyan, general manager for Global Business Solutions, Middle East, Turkey, Africa, and Pakistan at TikTok. “We know brands in South Africa want innovative and new ways to connect with their customers, and partnering with 365 Digital will open up opportunities on TikTok for these businesses to drive value and authentically engage with the community.”


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