iOS: Google brings new changes to its Photos app that many iPhones users would love

Google Photos has announced a significant change that brings several new features to the iOS version of the app.

Previously available only for Android devices, the latest update to the Google Photos photo and video editor is now finally making its way to iOS.

The update, revealed in a new official Google Photos help document, leverages machine learning to create editing suggestions based on the content of the specific image you’re viewing.

A new suggestions carousel appears automatically when you select an image and tap the Edit icon. Sometimes these suggestions are designed to improve basic image processing functions like brightness and contrast. However, the app will also suggest other artistic features such as “B&W portrait” or warm or cool filters.

After applying a suggested edit, you can drill down into the individual controls and adjust them to your preference. This neatly provides the benefits of automatic image enhancement while retaining user control and creative input.

The video editor has also been updated to match the look and feel of the photo editor.

Google Photos added new machine learning-based suggestions and high-precision adjustments to the photo editor. Now available on iOS.

Unsurprisingly, Google has now taken advantage of the new carousel to promote its exclusive subscriber-only effects with filters such as “Color Pop”, “Radiant”, “Ember” and “Airy”. These options are clearly branded with a Google One logo and serve as a constant in-your-face reminder of the functions you’ll be missing out on if you don’t sign up for a paid account.

It’s great to see the iOS app finally catch up with the Android version, and if you need help understanding the changes, Google has provided a dedicated guide specifically for iPhone users.


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